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Get our best-selling products at affordable prices. Top limited items are meant for lucky ones. Our artisans use both traditional and modern crafting techniques to transform carefully-selected materials into a wide range of magnificent Asian crafts. To ensure the safest overseas shipping, we pack your order in carton boxes supported by styrofoam.

Baby Shaolin with a Smiling Face

This adorable Baby Shaolin will touch your heart and transform your home, garden, or office into a tender setting. This adorable statue will always remind you of peace and love.

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Expressive Family Abstract Statues

Enjoy the calm and welcoming sensation as you stare at the figure of the father, mother, and the two children hugging each other, depicting an inseparable love-bound connection.

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Decorative Wall Panels with Toraja Motifs

The Toraja motifs are originated from Toraja ethnic group in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. These motifs aren’t only outstandingly stunning but they are also symbolizing prayers and wishes. The motifs are originated from Toraja ethnic group in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The presence of our decorative wall panels can add an immediate new dimension to your spaces, creating a more enticing harmony on your interiors.

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Statues of Shaolin Blind, Deaf, & Mute

These adorable Buddha statues represent calmness and tranquility. Having these statues at home can escalate your inner peace and enhance positivity in your home.

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Ineffable Tiki Totem Statues

These iconic statues are spiritual figures who use their big mouths and menacing expressions to frighten away evils. Displaying this statue can instill a comfortable vibe to your home.

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Stunning Interior Creates Peaceful Atmosphere

It’s time to upgrade your spaces to the next level with our artistic Asian crafts. Available in multiple colors, models, and finishes, our products offer an endless choice to ​improve your quality of life and enhance the beauty of your home.