Sitting Budha praying

From Rp203.500

Sitting Buddha wearing colorful robes and having his eyes closed. His hands are pressed together in front of his body as a gesture of praying. This posture is often called the Anjali Buddha, Namaste Buddha or Praying Buddha.

Made of solid lava sand with hand painted glossy finishing. Packed in a carton box for secure transportation and shipping.

  • P.16. White Glossy
  • P.19. Purple Glossy
  • 31. White Creamy Washed
  • 32. White Antique
  • P.01. Glossy Red
  • P.02. Glossy Sun Yellow
  • P.03. Orange Glossy
  • P.04. Glossy Sun Orange
  • P.05. Glossy Pink
  • P.06. Glossy Green
  • P.07. Glossy Green Turquoise
  • P.08. Glossy Dark Blue
  • P.09. Glossy Blue Turquoise
  • P.10. Glossy Blue
  • P.11. Glossy Light Blue
  • P.12. Glossy Black Metallic
  • P.13. Glossy Arctic
  • 1. Black
  • 3. Gold & Black
  • 5. Silver Black
  • 7. Bronze


Product Size           : L: 16cm x W: 15cm x H: 32cm

Packing Size           : L: 20.5cm x W: 30cm x H: 38.5cm

Shipping Weight   : 8.3kg

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