Buddha Head Flower Pot

From Rp79.000

Colourful Buddha Head to use as a flower pot. Made of casted lava sand. Available in different Skin and glossy head colours. Packed in a wooden crate.

  • 44. White Paint/Cream
  • P.01. Glossy Red
  • P.02. Glossy Sun Yellow
  • P.03. Orange Glossy
  • P.04. Glossy Sun Orange
  • P.05. Glossy Pink
  • P.06. Glossy Green
  • P.07. Glossy Green Turquoise
  • P.08. Glossy Dark Blue
  • P.09. Glossy Blue Turquoise
  • P.10. Glossy Blue
  • P.11. Glossy Light Blue
  • P.12. Glossy Black Metallic
  • P.13. Glossy Arctic
  • 1. Black
  • 3. Gold & Black
  • 5. Silver Black
  • 7. Bronze


Product Size           : X-Large : L: 43cm x W: 42cm x H: 45cm | Large : L: 31cm x W: 31cm x H: 32cm | Medium : L: 24cm x W: 24cm x H: 26cm | Small : L: 16cm x W: 16cm x H: 17cm

Packing Size           : X-Large : L: 52cm x W: 50cm x H: 65cm | Large : L: 40cm x W: 39cm x H: 52cm | Medium : L: 33cm x W: 32cm x H: 46cm | Small : L: 25cm x W: 24cm x H: 37cm

Shipping Weight   : X-Large: 17kg | Large: 10.2kg | Medium:  5.7kg | Small: 1.6kg

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