Disclaimer : the colors listed on this color swatches  are for initial reference only, may differ slightly from the originals colors due to differences in monitor resolutions and shooting equipment, for more color details please contact our sales team

Color without Putty (Textured Surface)

01. Black

02. Gold

03. Gold Black

04. Black Brown

01. Black

05. Silver Black

06. Cooper

07. Bronze

08. Cream

09. Green Antique

10. Black Antique

11. Antique

12. Red

13. Red Salmon

14. Black Wash Cream

15. Yellow

16. Sun Yellow

17. Orange


18. Sun Orange

19. Pink

20. Green

21. Green Turqouise

22. Blue

23. Blue Turqouise

24. Dark Blue Turqouise

25. Light Blue

26. White Gold

27. Grey Antique

28. Wash Gold Antique

29. Brown Wash Cream

30. Orange Wash

31. White Creamy Wash

32. White Antique

33. New Antique

34. White Gunadi

35. Red Gunadi

36. Green Gunadi

37. Grey

38. Cooffe Brown

39. Natural Fossil

40. Black Fossil

41. Brown Fossil

42. Original

43. Creamy White Wash

44. White Paint Cream

45. Full Gold

46. Red Gold

47. Antique (STB)

48. Gold-2

49 Green-2

50. Red-2

Color with Putty (Smooth Surface)

P101. Red Glossy

P102. Sun Yellow Glossy

P103. Orange Glossy

P104. Sun Orange Glossy

P105. Pink Glossy

P106. Green Glossy

P107. Green Turqouise Glossy

P108. Dark Blue Glossy

P109. Blue Turquoise Glossy

P110. Blue Glossy

P111. Light Blue Glossy

P112. Black Metallic glossy

P113. Arctic Glossy

P114. Black Doff Relief Base

P115. Brown Relief Base

P116. White Glossy

P117. Gold Resin (Bronze Resin)

P118. Copper Resin

P119. Purple Glossy